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Cliches are irritating. Some of them obviously need to be dispelled. We could hardly ever stop people from believing in some certain myths and the reason why people are so unwilling to give up on cliches is that cliches state without giving an explanation.

You’re becoming her lookalike, and you will be pleased with it.

E. L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey has conquered thousands of people’s hearts and minds, men included! The story tells us about Christian Grey, an attractive, young and quite well-off man, sexuality being one of the most essential parts of his life.

Travelling can show a person in his extremes – from the best character parts to the worst problems. That’s why it can be really important for every couple to travel together: both of them can learn the most important information about each other.

I would never force my lifestyle on anybody whatsoever. To stay unmarried is my choice only. Feel free to make your own decision.

Love is a tender and sweet feeling, which can make one wish to express inexpressible emotions. As we have found out, there are some languages, which can express what you feel but can’t explain with Engish words.

Sometimes we feel that we have started to like someone more that we need.

Imagine a cool breeze, warm water and golden sand. You are walking in the midst of this beauty watching the sunset over the ocean. Beaches seem to be an ideal place to tie the knot, in addition ceremonies there don’t require difficult planning, huge budget and stress.

Perhaps wedding is one of the most important events in one’s life, if not the most essential one. Brides spend many sleepless days and weeks preparing for that special day. The wedding dress, the cake, the ceremony, the wedding rings, the proper cheers and guest invitations...

In this cruel world people are ready to reprobate anyone, who acts against their principles. The majority of people think against bisexuality bringing about the fact, that God created a woman for a man. Nevertheless, nowadays one has the right to exhibit his real feelings and emotions.

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