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The world is changing. And so are people. They create rules to break them later on. Is it bad or good? We do not know for sure.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to read other people’s minds? Here are 9 essential signs that will always help you find out if the guy is trying to flirt with you.

Many couples cannot imagine their wedding day without flowers, invites, or favors.

Being married is nowadays considered to be old-fashioned. Young people find matrimony conservative and prefer to stay officially unattached. Countries with traditional views still believe that family is something essential in every person’s life.

Elvis Presley couldn’t “help falling in love”. How low do we sometimes fall to prove how committed we are to someone?

Cliches are irritating. Some of them obviously need to be dispelled. We could hardly ever stop people from believing in some certain myths and the reason why people are so unwilling to give up on cliches is that cliches state without giving an explanation.

You’re becoming her lookalike, and you will be pleased with it.

E. L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey has conquered thousands of people’s hearts and minds, men included! The story tells us about Christian Grey, an attractive, young and quite well-off man, sexuality being one of the most essential parts of his life.

Travelling can show a person in his extremes – from the best character parts to the worst problems. That’s why it can be really important for every couple to travel together: both of them can learn the most important information about each other.

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