Christian Grey’s 5 Steps to Follow

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Christian Grey’s 5 Steps to Follow

E. L. James’ novel Fifty Shades of Grey has conquered thousands of people’s hearts and minds, men included! The story tells us about Christian Grey, an attractive, young and quite well-off man, sexuality being one of the most essential parts of his life.

But the point is that owning a platinum credit card is not a must. To be as intriguing as Christian Grey is possible even for pretty an average bloke. Here are the 5 steps to follow:

1. Foreplay
First things first! Since most associate the book with sex let us start with this aspect. Do not underestimate the role of foreplay. It might not be as important for you, yet it is highly appreciated by women. The more refined you are during your foreplay the better. Alluring look, a love message or an unexpected flower delivery – all these will work just fine. Turn her on my being unusually enigmatic and unpredictable. This will only pique her interest. Women’s imagination is outstandingly vivid and before you even meet in person she will have pictured her own scenario. Be the trigger in this exciting game, make her imagination go far and wild. A woman could be compared to a candle that burns longer than a match. Nevertheless, it needs a sparkle to be lit. Be patient and understanding. Accept reality: women’s sexuality is different from that of men.

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