10 Reasons Why You Need Vaseline in Your Cosmetic Bag

10 Reasons Why You Need Vaseline in Your Cosmetic Bag

Developed by Unilever, Vaseline soon became a very popular beauty product. Since 1872 people have been applying it in their daily routine. It is now used in medicine cabinets and beauty salons.

Most people can find this product on their shelves or in drawers in their homes. We would like to remind you that this plain petroleum jelly can be used in a variety of ways for your personal beauty procedures.

1. Makeup Remover

Vaseline is a great makeup remover. It can easily remove even waterproof makeup products, such as lipsticks, eye liners, and mascaras. If you want your lips to be soft, we recommend you to make a vaseline peeling – mix a pinch of sugar with vaseline and rub the mixture in your lips in circular motions. When you are finished, clean the mixture off your lips with a dry tissue. This chemical-free scrub will both moisturize your skin and remove stubborn waterproof lipstick.

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