10 Useless Beauty Items You Waste Your Money On

10 Useless Beauty Items You Waste Your Money On

Commercials are powerful. So are advertisements, leaflets, and other marketing techniques making us buy what we do not really need. Not only do we not need some certain things, they cost us huge money!

Just take some time and calculate how much dough you have wasted on unnecessary beauty products this year and you will find out that you could have found better things to invest that money into. Here is the list of products we could easily live without:

1. Split-End Remedies

The more products beauty industry creates the richer it becomes. If you buy serums and shampoos to fix split ends, then you are one of the naive people who still believe that such a remedy really exists. The truth is that split-ends remedies only hide the problem. They do not cure your hair, but smooth the split hair down instead. If you want to solve the problem, first what you should do is to stop or at least limit the use of hairdryers, curling tongs, straighteners and use this kind of equipment only a couple of times a month. Always apply some heat protection product to reduce the harm prior to using a hairdryer. Never brush your hair when it is still wet. Simply comb it with your fingers. If you cannot avoid using hairdryers, then alternate warm and cool air. Finally, regularly go to the hairdresser’s and have your hair trimmed. The frequency should be at least 6-8 weeks or, preferably, even more often. Your hair then might not be too long, but it will look and feel healthy which is far more important.

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