7 Fashion Beliefs to Ignore

7 Fashion Beliefs to Ignore

Designers and stylists never run out of fresh ideas. Each year we are offered something creative and innovative. It’s a huge industry and there is something special for each of us.

Not only silhouettes change. Our hairstyles transform as well. What was considered to be fashionable 20 years ago nowadays might look rather awkward. However, outfits tend to repeat themselves and people feel like returning back in time and wearing something that was in fashion many years ago. Whichever style you opt for, look through the following myths that should no longer believed in.

1. Gold and Silver Can't Be Worn Together

Gold-silver combination is really very popular at present. Drop by any local jewelry store and you will be offered hundreds of rings and bracelets that include both metals. Do not avoid such jewelry – simply commit to the look and pick the right items. For instance, put on more than one of each piece so that it would look intentional. Pay attention to how you layer and scale your chains – the items should match by style and size. It is also cool to try and mix silver and gold bangles together. It will add some playfulness to your whole outlook.

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