8 Most Luxurious Handbags for Ladies in 2017

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Bags can be incredibly expensive. Some of them are rare and truly exclusive. You can buy some of them in specialized stores or boutiques. Some are made upon order. They are created as pieces of art.

And they are often exhibited and shown during special fashion shows.

1. Devi Kroell: Alligator Hobo about $29,000

Get ready to pay $29,000 for a Kroell’s Alligator Hobo. This bag is spacious. It is really practical too. You can use it for your laptop. The bag is furnished with a variety of pockets. You can utilize them for pens and cash. The shape is that of a triangle which is interesting and unique as well. The color is not less impressive – it is creamy golden and gives you a feel of glamour and luxury. The bag costs much since there are special elements - textured scales that are absolutely uniform in size and shape.

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