Pick Your Best Louis Vuitton Vintage Bag

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Not every design stays with us forever. Classic designs were created a few hundred decades or even centuries ago, but they are still very popular. One of such examples would be Louis Vuitton vintage bags that look modern, chic and stylish even nowadays.

Vintage items are rare and might cost a lot. However, there are plenty of people who value fantastic durability and classic lines that such pieces provide their owners. Have a look at the list below and decide which of these Vuitton vintage bags you would like to own.

The Keepall
The legendary Keepall appeared in 1924. The bag reminds of an overnight stay bag. Now it is modernized and can be used as travel luggage. Its design has influenced the way that our modern weekend bags look like today. The Keepall has its special features, such as a leather ID tag. It comes in three sizes: 60, 55 and 45 cm – an excellent hand luggage for planes. It is popular among both men and woman.
Recommended for regular fliers.

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