What You Should Do to Have Healthy Hair in Winter

What You Should Do to Have Healthy Hair in Winter

Winter is a wonderful season full of fantastic moments – cozy and warm clothes, Christmas presents, family reunions, houses covered with fresh snow…

It sounds perfect, it feels and looks great as well. What may make your winter not so splendid? Only the things that are capable of ruining your beauty. Do not worry – we are here to help you out! Let us ask you if you knew that in winter your hair needs special care?

1. Straw-Like and Overly Dried Out Hair

Besides all the advantages that winter season offers, there're a few disadvantages. Luckily, they can be avoided if you know the solution. In winter air is drier. This makes your hair static, brittle and dry. It usually happens to those whose hair is curly.

How to fix: 

Put aside your hair drier and other devices that you usually use. Wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo, apply hydrating balms and masks. Use conditioner and hair products that contain various oils. Opt for satin or silk pillowcase instead of cotton ones. A satin-lined cap can also resolve the issue. Apply leave-in hair products a few times a week.

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