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All women are attractive. Nevertheless, being attractive and pretty is not enough for some ladies. Girls want to be beautiful. Some strive to become the sexiest females in the world.

Men are strong. Not less strong are women, especially those who choose sports as their main activity in life. Let’s see what female athletes should be mentioned.

Who do you think you might be in Game of Thrones? Let us see what astrology tells us about this. Your zodiac sign is what their conclusions are based on. Find your clone and decide whether astrologists are right.

The red carpet event welcomed dozens of celebrities some of which looked stunning. Others shocked us with their outfits. Finally, there were a few who preferred to look avant garde. That was a great occasion for the most popular designers to compete with each other.

The red carpet was won by the following six women. Now let’s see who stood out during the 89th Annual Academy Awards. The event welcomed stars wearing all kinds of outfits. There you could spot celebrities in laces and metallic and lots of stunning gowns by the legendary designers.

Red carpet events are special occasions. Celebrities want to look their best during every ceremony. However, they sometimes fail and this is what happens:

Would you like to be a child of a famous couple? The answer is very likely to be ‘yes’. But what if you looked just like one of your parents who are known all around the globe?

Some temptations are too hard to resist. You are lucky if you are strong enough. However, most people, celebrities included, lack self-control.

Women have been trying to fight excess weight for many years now. Those who haven’t succeeded in losing their pounds can relax. Currently the fashion industry is actively hiring plus-sized ladies.

Do you remember their outfits? It was really long time ago...