Do you remember their outfits? It was really long time ago...

We usually see pop stars, actors and other famous people with their makeup on their faces. We can hardly imagine what they really look like when they remove it.

We have found 7 celebs who can be described as a “dating type” people, as surely not everyone is looking for love that way.

Females from Hollywood’s creme de la creme are really bringing home their finances, and even more than their fiancées. Nothing wrong about women earning more than males, and Hollywood can’t spare that.

We’ve got used to seeing celebrities getting married and, a few years or even months later, divorced. They keep falling in and out of love, finding new lovers and giving up on them over and over again.

'Pretty' and 'beautiful' are common words for every girl from the youngest age. But nowadays they are starting to change their meaning – and for the better! Surely, thin blond women with blue eyes and pale skin will always be admired, but today they are not the one and only favorites.

Lupita will teach you how to take care of yourself. This woman has never been afraid of trying new looks. From scarlet red to rosy pink lipsticks, from metallic purple to navy blue eye shadows – Lupita loves to be different and keeps on changing and looking original and unique.

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