Everyone knows that having a famous family member makes one’s way to show business much easier. It is a debatable question whether some celebrities could have gained the fame they have without using their parents’ names or not.

It may seem strange but nowadays celebrities do everything to hide their previous professions. Maybe they feel shameful to have done such ordinary jobs. However, to my mind it is honorable to do any works not to starve, even if you are making great plans for future.

She is famous. She is funny. She is brave. She is Ellen. Just Ellen.

Kindness, love, conscience, respect and humility are the main features that make one a real human being. And that human being ought to help those, who are in need of their help.

As soon as I saw the clip with Victoria Beckham "Wannabe" I immediately wanted to know something interesting about this girl. She is a lovely woman who knows the value of her beauty and knows how to be beautiful. After she became popular in the band the Spice Girls, she began to build her career in the business of fashion design.

Despite spread opinion, this HBO show wasn’t sandy docu-series about living in New York (Surprisingly, right?). I have some of the sex stories which were so far about this.

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