24 By 7 Weight Loss - Boost Your Metabolism

24 By 7 Weight Loss - Boost Your Metabolism

Wonders do happen when you stay diligent and follow your dream step by step and day after day. Losing pounds takes time and effort. Stay focused, patient and persistent.

Fortunately there are a few things you should try to speed up fat burning processes. First, take it as a game and stop feeling a victim. The results are worth your efforts anyways. Do not wait till tomorrow. Be the master of your own life right now. The schedule below will serve you as a teaching tool and guide on how to start your day, how to proceed it, and how to successfully end it up feeling a bit lighter then you were this time a day or two before.

6 a.m. — Start your day with a glass of water. It will shake your metabolism up. Eat your first breakfast – foods containing carbs and protein, such as banana or a handful of almonds. Next, spend some time doing your favorite morning exercises. Let them be intensive rather than long and tiring. This is how you ignite your whole system so that later in the day it could continue burning fat without any additional measures.

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