5 Clear Signs You Need to See Your Doctor

5 Clear Signs You Need to See Your Doctor

There is nothing as important as good health. Our wellbeing depends on how seriously we take care of ourselves. Read further and find out whether your health is good enough.

Do not procrastinate and try to resolve health issues before it’s too late. The article below will help you determine the situation:

1. Cold Sores

HSV-1 stands for herpes simplex virus type 1. It causes fever blisters and cold sores. It can easily be passed from individual to individual by drinking from the same cups and glasses or by skin contact. Cold sores remind of clusters of small blisters on the lips. Around 80% of population has this type of virus. As a rule, most people are infected in their childhood. Sore outbreaks can also be caused by emotional and mental stress. Avoid sun exposure since this may also lead to a cold sore outbreak. Traumas, illnesses and dental treatment can also be blamed. People suffering from HSV-1 may have eye infection as well as infections of the genitals and fingers. Oftentimes, genital herpes infections occur due to HSV-2 (herpes simplex type 2).

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