5 Foods You Would Never Think Might Be Unhealthy

5 Foods You Would Never Think Might Be Unhealthy

An average person does not analyze what kind of foods is sold at stores. We trust manufacturers, sellers and farmers who grow, prepare and deliver food to us.

Learn to read the labels and buy the products that are safe to consume. Let us start with a list of five foods that are known to cause cancer.

1. Canned Fruits

The content of the cans in your fridge is not as harmful to your health as the cans themselves. Cans have a lining that is made using bisphenol-A, a deadly chemical. The first studies were done on rats in 2013 and proved that bisphenol-A makes an impact on the way genes work. The issues caused by this chemicals are severe hence the FDA voted for elimination of bisphenol-A in canned foods. There are canned vegetables and fruits that are relatively acidic. The acids cause bisphenol-A to penetrate into the food and make it toxic. Opt for freshly cooked vegetables and fruit or buy foods that are sold in glass bottles.

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