5 Proofs Your Liver is Damaged

5 Proofs Your Liver is Damaged

Liver damage may be inherited from your parents. It may be toxic caused by viruses and chemicals.

Finally, liver damage may also be caused by some certain diseases that can negatively affect your this organ for the rest of your life. How do you know your liver is damaged? Here are the 5 main factors:

1. Swollen Abdomen

One of the most dangerous liver diseases is cirrhosis. It cases build-up of fluids in the abdominal area. This condition is called ascites. This happens because the levels of proteins and albumin are retained. The patient suffering from this appears pregnant. Ascites is known to be cause by a number of medical conditions. One of them is cirrhosis. Fluids may accumulate in the ankles as well, since gravity forces fluids drawn down into the body. Ascites can sometimes occur in sudden-onset. It can also occur in acute liver disease, too. The most common cases are chronic. Patients are advised to go on a reduced-sodium diet. Some take diuretics. If the case is severe, then fluids are drained by means of a needle. Some forms of ascites do not respond well to frontline treatments. Then a shunt is inserted or the patient undergoes an operation when has his liver transplanted.

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