7 Reasons Why Planking Is Beneficial

7 Reasons Why Planking Is Beneficial

Planking might sound simple and easy. This is an illusion, really. Once you try the exercise out you will understand that it is far from being easy. There are a lot of advantages in planks. They can help you keep fit and toned.

Planking increases your endurance and develops muscle strength. The point is to learn to do the exercise correctly. Add planks to your workout routine to make it more varied and effective.

1. Simplicity of statics.
It takes seconds to understand what exactly you are supposed to do while planking. The exercise is simple and does not require any complicated moves. No repetitions are needed either. Besides, you can do planks without leaving your home. Although it is easy to understand how planking is performed, it is not that easy to maintain the position. The reason is that you hold your body weight by means of your own hands or forearms. Planking also involves your elbows and toes.

The basic position reminds that of a push-up. Keep your feet together, then transfer your body weight on your forearms first. Once you feel strong enough you can use your hands instead. Keep your elbows under the shoulders. Do not let your spine bend or arch. Here the most important thing is to keep your body as straight as possible. Pretend that your body is a straight string from head to toe. Contract your abdominal muscles and freeze in this position for half a minute. Do planking on a daily basis. Step by step increase the initial interval of 30 second duration.

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