Beat Stress in Less Than Half an Hour

Beat Stress in Less Than Half an Hour rmhealing

Stop bugging your family or colleagues. There is no need to stuff your face with junk food either! What you might really find useful and far more effective is constructive thinking, or, in other words, mindful meditation.

Recent research shows that meditation proves to be one of the most effective means to cope with stress, which explains why this approach is widely gaining its popularity. During meditation you tend to focus on your feelings rather than on your problems. Keeping track of the breathing process soothes your mind and soul.

The research involved two groups of students, each consisting of 33 participants. The task of one of the groups was to spend around 25 minutes a day on mindful meditation while the other group was provided with a cognitive training session. Three days later both groups were tested and measured to estimate their biological as well as psychological state. The results: researches concluded that the meditating group experienced a milder form of psychological stress. More than that, the students who applied this approach were also more successful at beating stress if compared to the other group.

Tiago Godoy

According to the researchers, mindful meditation stimulates people to actively engage in the process which, in turn, transforms their attitude to stress itself. The findings are quite mind-boggling yet require time and deeper understanding. The advantages are obvious though: mindful meditation might quite well be a unique, smart and pretty easy way to control feelings and emotions that people usually experience in stressful situations. Follow these steps to see if this approach is as effective as it claims to be.

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