Tips to Control and Reduce Sweat

Tips to Control and Reduce Sweat

There is no problem in keeping your cool even when the weather is very hot if you follow these wetness-fighting secrets.

Why Do You Sweat?

To outwit sweat, it’s useful to know all the details about this process. It helps your body to cool down and maintain internal temperature when the mix of water, minerals and salt evaporates from skin. Two types of sweat can be distinguished. The first one is eccrine, a thin liquid which occurs over the entire body during hot days or when you do exercise. The second is called apocrine, a thick secretion located mainly at person’s underarms. Apocrine is bound to smell and is usually associated with stress.

Such things as your health condition, diet and emotions may influence sweat; however it is mostly determined by genetics. The most common parts are your palms, soles, underarms and forehead because of the highest density of sweat glands at these spots. However sweat patterns are very individual. For example, back might be the place that perspires first as the glands there respond to human brain's signals when person feels hot or has stress.

But don’t think that sweating is only about DNA. Partly it depends on the adaptation. For instance, people from hot areas sweat more efficiently, as well as athletes because their bodies have been trained to disperse heat fast.

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