10 Wonderful Locations To See While Visiting Eastern Europe

10 Wonderful Locations To See While Visiting Eastern Europe

We all love traveling. It broadens our horizons and helps us learn more about the surrounding world. Seeing beautiful locations online is totally different from what you can really experience if you go and see those places on your own.

Exotic places are great. However, let us not forget that Eastern Europe is not less impressive than any other place found on this amazing planet. Before setting out on a trip, see the list of places you should visit in case you decide to travel to Eastern Europe.

1. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia. The reasons why you should visit this city are not only its museums, restaurants and cafes, but also the Ljubljana Castle as well as the National and University Library. The town is full of people day and night. It is never boring there and you can have a stroll or ride a bike since car traffic is limited in this part of the city which makes the whole of the city a safer place. You will fall in love with the stunning baroque beauty of the town’s architecture. Those who have visited this place recommend that we all should visit the square of Presernov, one of the sites where people arrange meetings and dates.

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