5 Countries That Know What Real Happiness Is

5 Countries That Know What Real Happiness Is

Happy people smile more often. They enjoy their life to the fullest. This includes all spheres of life. Happiness is not about money only. It is much more than how much you earn. There are more important things than your bank account. Your emotional state as well as your social status influences your well-being.

Another essential factor that plays a great role is your health. Here is a list of countries where people are reported to be the happiest:

1. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a progressive country. This is the country to be the first to legalize gay marriage. Regardless your sexual preferences, you are welcome to be yourself there. No one will ever discriminate you for being different. Another aspect that makes this country unique is that the population’s diet is considered to be one of the healthiest out there. People can pick the freshest food for the most affordable prices. The government takes great care of the citizens and provides all necessary safety and security.

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