5 Fantastic Spots in the USA to celebrate Thanksgiving

Ganeshkumar Durai / Shutterstock.com Ganeshkumar Durai / Shutterstock.com

Soon all Americans will be celebrating Thanksgiving. This is an exciting holiday regardless locations you pick. Families, friends and coworkers gather up to express their gratitude for all the positive things they have in their lives.

However, there is something you can do that can make your Thanksgiving more memorable and truly unforgettable. Go and celebrate the holiday in one of the places below:

1. Chicago, Illinois
The McDonald’s Parade is one of the most famous events arranged in Chicago. This parade is held on Thanksgiving Day. You will see plenty of huge character balloons. Most of your favorite characters will be participating in the event. Go and meet Curious George, Underdog and Garfield. The attraction starts early in the morning and moves from Congress to Randolph. You can either attend it or watch in on TV.

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