5 Species That Are Able to Detect Danger and Disease in People

5 Species That Are Able to Detect Danger and Disease in People

Science keeps developing. Researchers are doing new experiments and carry out studies in order to find out more information about the world surrounding us.

Nature is full of surprises. One of them is that fauna consists of animals that can detect danger and disease in people. Read further to see what five creatures can help humans avoid problems by warning them about the possible hazard. 

1. Honeybee

Honeybees is creature number one that was included in our list of animals. It is an established fact that thanks to honeybees our world still exists. These small insects do a number of useful and very important tasks. They do not only provide us with honey and other healthy bee products. They carry pollen from plant to plant helping trees and flowers grow, bloom and give us fruit. They can sniff out explosives, one of the qualities that can be used by security services to protect us all from terrorists. There are special sensors where bees can be placed. Treats are used as a reward. It is not yet clear whether honeybees will be able to fully replace dogs. What is known for sure is that detectors by means of which security forces work with bees can sniff the chemical up to a part per trillion ratio.

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