We do not want to waste our money. If there is a way to save it, then why not use it? Here are 4 reasons for you to drop by a dollar store:

Make the best of your stay at home – make some extra income online. Here are the seven jobs that can make your wallet thicker:

We hope that you do not have a phobia of heights, because the articles below will tell you what bridges would scare even the bravest of us.

Whenever you purchase a bag, a pair of shoes or a new purse, you notice that there are small bags containing silica gel. What most of us do is we throw them away.

Home landscaping includes planting bushes, flowers and trees. Avoid some certain types of trees and you will never have any headaches. Here is a list of 5 species of trees that may cause trouble:

We sometimes happen to hear cool flight upgrade stories. All those stories has helped us make a list of tips that every smart traveller can resort to:

Why does our human race exist? Who created us and what for? It’s a philosophical, scientific and religious question.

We tend to believe that resorts that offer all-inclusive are too expensive. We have been looking for affordable places and we have been quite successful.

We all make money mistakes. Not all of us can predict the future and foresee whether the steps we are making will lead to success. Sometimes our mistakes lead to failures and catastrophe.

The following tips are useful for people who wish to save cash. They are simple yet very effective!

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