6 Funniest Movies to Enjoy While You are Pregnant

6 Funniest Movies to Enjoy While You are Pregnant

Watching a film we usually look for a key character that in some way resembles us. Indeed, it’s really difficult to sympathize with the teenager’s unrequited love on TV screen while you are enjoying the baby’s kicks.

You are obsessed with pregnancy and all the baby-related stuff, and nothing else can excite you more now.

Enormous number of movies with breathtaking plots can accompany you on the way to the happy final of your pregnancy. From teenage pregnancies to surrogate motherhood, a mom-to-be can choose any story to rejoice while being preggers.

Great movies to enjoy while you are pregnant:

Knocked Up (2007)
Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) was over the moon when he slept over with Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), an absolute knockout. His happiness is clouded when she informs him about her unintentional pregnancy several weeks later. It is here that this odd couple begins their common journey, which ends in the labor. Attention! An overwhelmingly demonstrative birthing scene can make future parents cower out of fear – so be careful!

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