6 Kitchen Items None of Us Needs

6 Kitchen Items None of Us Needs

Devices take too much space. They clog your shelves only. They also cost big money. Nowadays manufacturers do all possible to make consumers believe that every dish requires a special tool or machine to prepare.

But, in fact, you can make delicious dishes without having all those electric machines and weird utensils. See our list of kitchen items you can easily survive without:

1. Electric Griddle

Griddles are special devices that are used for preparing fried eggs and pancakes. They are flat and big, which means they take too much space on your table. Storing such a giant object is a problem, especially if your kitchen is small or if you eat pancakes and eggs seldom. Use an iron skillet instead. This will allow you to wrap it when it is put on the stove. Besides, heat conduction is then relatively even and, if conditioned well, they become non-stick. A sauté pan is also fine. The only drawback of this device is that it has a hump in the middle – heating and shapes will probably not as even as you would like them to be.

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