6 Ways How Your Job Is Killing You Step By Step

6 Ways How Your Job Is Killing You Step By Step Paul Mayne

It doesn't matter if your life is just work or your work is all your life, remember about some terrible by-effects.

1. It is the reason of your sickness.
The National Science Foundation research lave the information about 26 percent of American people do not take a sick list and visit their place of work being ill. 34 percent of Americans prefer wait until their state becomes worse with cough, high fever and other full symptoms. Only in this case they agree to stay at home and recover. Close spaces such as offices, shops, are full of various bacteria, and usually people who work together infect each other with flu or other diseases.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notifies in advance about such situation as “Sick Building Syndrome”. It is the phenomenon when workers in the same office or a building have similar symptoms, for instance, sore throat, headache, tiredness, nausea, dizziness, but the doctors can not find any specific disease. At least friendship among colleagues at work will be on a high level in the situation of a group mysterious disease.

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