7 Least Trustworthy and Safe Airlines on the Planet

Ryan Fletcher / Shutterstock.com Ryan Fletcher / Shutterstock.com

We have statistics. And we need the figures to understand how safe and secure it is to fly with some certain airline companies. In 2017 the list of the most dangerous airlines included 7 companies.

Some of them keep being banned in other countries due to the lack of safety:

1. Malaysian Airline
If you watch the local news that Malaysian TV shows, you will see that the number of plane accidents in that country is huge. You do not want to become one of their victims so we strongly recommend you should never fly with the planes belonging to this company. The truth is that Malaysian airlines have never been the most trustworthy operator. However, what has recently happened shocked the whole world. A Boeing on board of which there were almost 1000 people was shot by a ground-to-air missile. The plane crashed in Ukraine. There was another accident in 2017 when the company’s plane carrying 240 people lost its route somewhere between China and Kuala Lumpur.

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