7 Mad but Real Facts about 7-Year-Old iPhone History

7 Mad but Real Facts about 7-Year-Old iPhone History

Time slips past when you are immersed in your smartphone. June 2007 marked the release of iPhone from Apple. It was a gaming gadget with a simple display with 320x480 resolution (now it is twice as that).

The instant and sudden leap of iPhone’s vogue in 2007 astounded the experts. Out of the blue, Jobs’ masterpiece overcame BlackBerry even though some customers argued that they had difficulty typing on it. Even though it was really pricey!

Can we compare BlackBerry with iPhone today?
What can the customers say about the smartphone market nowadays? In 2007 they could not even imagine that the rectangle with curbed corners would be a leader in the market.

Get acquainted with the mad though true facts about iPhone device:

1. Collaboration with Apple resulted in a famous band’s appearance in an iPod commercial. Take a look at the “Artists” icon in the Music app – and see Bono from U2. The front man participated in a release of the iPod limited edition with U2.

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