7 Unusual Countries To See

7 Unusual Countries To See

We have all heard of countries such as Greece, Italy or Spain. Some of us have already visited them, and others are only dreaming of seeing them one day.

If you are an experienced traveler, you might want to see something you have never thought exists! Surprisingly, there are quite a few such places and we advice you should visit them. But first see which one triggers your interest most.

1. Palau

Palau is an island country and is found in the Western Pacific Ocean. The country attracted a lot of states. Spain, Japan and Germany wanted to make it their belonging. Palau is popular with divers and snorkelers. You must see its coral reefs and picturesque ship wrecks that were left after battles and wars, mysterious tunnels, caves and a whole world of water life. Explorers interested in Palau should visit the state in February and March.

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