8 Myths About Women To Dispel

8 Myths About Women To Dispel

Some men claim they know women. Is that really true? The fact is that the majority of them only want to believe that they know ladies. They have created a lot of myths, misbeliefs and stereotypes.

We all have heard a couple of jokes about blondes. Sometimes women are believed to be bad drivers. There were far more serious cases of discrimination and rude behavior toward women throughout history. Now it’s time to look at women in a new way.

1. Women lack intelligence
This myth is close to being total nonsense. Most IQ tests taken by women prove that on average women’s IQ tests results are just as good or bad as those of men. Besides, IQ of male students is both the lowest and the highest while female students score approximately equal amount of scores. As a result, women’s average intelligence index is higher than that of males. Finally, there are a lot of talented, educated and famous women we all have heard of.

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