Several Reasons Why You Should Keep Silica Pouches

Several Reasons Why You Should Keep Silica Pouches

Whenever you purchase a bag, a pair of shoes or a new purse, you notice that there are small bags containing silica gel. What most of us do is we throw them away.

Actually, you should keep those little things because they have properties you might need in the future. Silica gel has a porous structure. It consists of silicon dioxide. The substance has special properties. Silica gel is a desiccant – a great moisture absorber. Just 20g of silica gel is enough to absorb around 8-9 g of water, which is almost 40% of its own weight.

1. Drowned phones can be rescued

No one can guarantee that they will never drop their phone in a puddle, bathtub or swimming pool. If an electronic device is not waterproof, then water destroys the gadget. Luckily, you can rescue your phone. Just leave your drowned phone in a container or a bowl filled with silica gel. Some have tried rice instead of gel, but silica gel is 10 times more effective!

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