The Biggest Mistake Of Women When Buying A Car

The Biggest Mistake Of Women When Buying A Car Nike_747

The biggest mistake of women when buying a car origins in their most favourite occupation – shopping. When buying a secondhand car women often spend all their money forgetting that the car probably needs repairing or mechanical service. They’d better include these expenses into the total cost.

More than 80% prefer a car with the minor criteria, which include outside appearance, advertising or price. Noteworthy, that the distance run and mechanical state of a car must be considered primarily. It can help you to buy qualitative and safe car without any unexpected repairing expenses.

70% of women-clients buy a car without bargaining, but if they are a bit more insistent, the seller would always be ready to make a concession. The grounds for the underbidding can be drawbacks of car body or cabin, and the repairing price, of course.

Half of beauties ignore careful reading of the contract. As a result, even one phrase printed in a small type can cause serious problems, when the client tries to stand up for her rights.

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