Top 5 Depressing Occupations

Top 5 Depressing Occupations

It is hard to define what the best occupation or profession is. Some of us enjoy going to work while others dream of the day they will retire.

The issue is rather serious and should be discussed more often. The problem is that if you hate your job, it will inevitably cause stress, depression and tension.

1. Teachers

It is not that easy to get along with kids. It is even harder to make friends with teenagers. The growing generation is always different from the previous one and makes its own rules. Kids are noisy and even annoying at times. If a teacher is not ready to put up with all the stress related to this, he or she should not seek a job in schools. Most children are quite obedient at home. However, once they realize there are no parents around, their attitude changes for the worse, which leads to conflicts with classmates and teachers. Another disadvantage is that teachers are not paid the money they deserve.

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