You Don't Have To Work For Free

You Don't Have To Work For Free

Sometimes people that work in creative field are asked to do for free what they usually do for money. Is it fair? Absolutely not! But that’s not surprising, because today all sorts of freelance workers are ready to wait for another employer who will promise them well-paid job.

Each freelancer has to remember one and only rule: YOU DON’T HAVE TO WORK FOR FREE! There are millions of people who are ready to work just for promises of future paid work. Employers usually pay for the labor more cheaply because there are endless supplies of workers who are waiting for an offer.

Are there any exceptions? Of course they are. Jessica Hische has created a web-site called where each freelancer could find several tips for himself. But there is less long list of rules. Firstly, don’t even think to do work for which you probably will not get any dollar. That’s a game for fools. Actually all unpaid work could be divided into two categories.

1. Work you do because it’s interesting and fun.
It is the only acceptable kind of free work. The only exception is doing some work for your family, especially because not doing that work is less fun. Here is the example. In some town there are many fundraising events. Of course, they need an entertainment on these events and you play in the band. Sometimes they ask you to play for free and in all cases you agree to do that. It is very fun, you and your band actually like to play for big crowd and maybe you will get free food and drinks. But it is your work! It takes much time and powers and you even don’t get money for it. Yes, it’s could be very funny to play there but funny work has not to be unpaid.

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