Whether you are in search of a life partner, already dating someone, attached or married, you are sure to find this section of our magazine extremely useful and helpful. Read about how to avoid the most common mistakes people make while in a relationship.

We can stay patient and tolerant to some certain extent. Unfortunately, we are humans and there are plenty of things that can make us feel irritated. If you do not want to annoy your girlfriend, do not do the following seven things since they can make her feel mad.

Check out Instagram and pictures of travelling couples. You will see one thing in common – all of those people are happier than those who never travel together. We have analyzed this phenomenon.

You never know how successful and lasting your relationship will be. Sometimes even wonderful couples break up. The period after you part with your significant one can be really painful.

Dating an abuser is no fun at all. Especially if the signs that might tell you about his true nature are hidden. Inexperienced daters may believe that the person they are going on a date with is a nice individual.

Guys are not perfect. But girl also do things that can make men angry or annoyed. Some habits are common among boys and girls alike. We do not like washing dishes or cleaning the house, for instance. But some habits are typically practiced by women.

It is not really easy to build a strong bond. People meet each other and fall in love with each other. However, some certain things soon make those couples fall apart. Luckily, you can avoid making the mistakes made by others in the past.

You are not yet over your first love if you can notice any of the five signs listed below. Your emotions are still alive and your feelings are strong.

There are a few signs that may tell the girl whether the guy is a jerk. Some of the things are less visible and you may ignore them. Avoid lazy, aggressive and rude men.

There are a few things that most men worry about when their women get pregnant. Whether your pregnancy planned or not, it brings lots of new emotions to the couple.

The steps we take may sometime provoke our partner. We should never ignore the things mentioned in the list below. If you do everything right, you are sure to have a strong and long-lasting relationship.

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