How lucky a child is if he is grown by helicopter parents? No doubt there are a few disadvantages. They might look innocent and this parenting style can be considered better than any other style of upbringing kids.

Your first date is very important. Whether you click or not depends on many factors. One of them is the type of questions you ask. We do this to get to know the person and see how well we can get along.

We know what we should not do in relationships. Cheating and lying can ruin the bond. So can dishonesty and disrespect. But do we know what we SHOULD do to build a strong relationship? Here are the six points to consider:

Broken hearts make do not stop us from falling in love with the wrong people. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

We want our first date to be perfect. We feel nervous and tension is impossible to avoid. Do not worry! Your date is going through the same feelings and emotions.

It’s amazing how much our zodiac signs mean! The stars influence our characters and personalities. Out of the 12 zodiac signs today we are going to talk about Libra.

Routine is no fun. It exhausts people and makes our life less exciting. If you feel that this is already happening to you, hurry up and try out the tips below.

Romance should be kept alive. A successful relationship is based on good communication skills.

You can hardly find a person who would mind travelling more often. Visiting other countries broadens your horizons and makes you a different person.

Research has proved that kids of 2 years old and younger with broader vocabularies are better prepared for kindergarten.

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