6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

You cannot make cheaters shut up. However, you can always avoid them. Listen to your heart – it never lies. Listen to a cheater and if you hear any of the phrases given below, be careful.

Do not let others make a fool of you. People who say the following things should not enter your life.

1. "I didn't mean to cause you pain or make you suffer."

Do you really believe in ‘unintentional’ hurting? We don’t. If you know your partner has opened a profile on a dating site, it’s a red flag. It’s not ok if your boyfriend secretly texting other girls yet keeps lying about it. Some even get addicted to frequent hookups. Are those actions unintentional? Come on.

"I didn't intend to make you suffer" in most cases sounds fake. You are smart enough to tell when someone is lying. If you doubt your partner, double check him and what he says and you will see that he is not that innocent. Once a cheater always a cheater. Never ever put up with lies. You deserve respect.

How do you respond? “Your intention is not what I care about. You should have predicted my reaction. If you keep a secret, it’s only because you know it will do me harm. How is it unintentional then? As long as you're in a relationship with me, you're supposed to keep me from harm. Shame you failed.”

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