6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

2. "You aren’t meeting my needs."

Cheaters like another phrase similar to the one above. “I haven't been happy for so long." What makes them say it? The answer is simple: their own infidelity. They are simply trying to blame everything on you. Yes, as a rule, they're afraid of responsibilities. They hate being blamed. Instead of talking about their stupid behavior and betrayal they will always talk crap about how bad you are at keeping the house tidy!

Situations may vary from couple to couple. The main idea is still the same anyways. They might be blaming you for being a bad cook or lover. Those are all lies. Never own his faults. Do not keep listing and naming the thing that did make him happy in the past – it will all be in vain. They do not want to hear that.

How do you respond? Admit the fact that you are not responsible for your partner’s cheating. “I’ve never cheated on you although were not meeting my needs. Quit trying to justify your lame excuse.”

6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You You arent meeting my needs

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