6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You

5. "But I never stopped loving you."

You are a big girl. Do not believe in all those cheap fairy tales and empty promises. He never stopped loving you while being with someone else? Sounds retarded. How is it possible? He loved you all along. Fine. Then what did you feel for those he slept with behind your back? Was it also love? True love is about trust, respect and tight bonds. You connect to the person you're with both spiritually and emotionally. Wasting yourself on others is no option if you are a married person.

How do you respond? “Who would ever believe that it’s possible to love someone with all your heart while having sex with another person? Betrayal and love do not agree. This kind of love makes no sense. It does not make me feel safe and secure.”

6 Phrases Cheaters Will Usually Tell You But I never stopped loving you

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