6 Signs Telling If Your Relationship Is Just A Friendship Or Something More

6 Signs Telling If Your Relationship Is Just A Friendship Or Something More

Most people are currently in some sort of a relationship or contact with someone else. Our relationships sometimes become deeper and more meaningful.

That’s when we start wondering whether we are liked or loved and whether the person we are with is the one. However, serious relationships cannot be all about mere attraction, no matter how strong that might be. You heart should not contradict and contrast with what your mind tells you. This is what we call harmony and balance. If they disagree, then chances are you are with the wrong person. It’s a very responsible step to decide to spend the rest of your life with someone you have feelings for. Here is a list of points that you should keep in mind while looking for your life partner.

1. Attention Vs Care

Do you feel that the person you are with cares about you or is it that he simply pays attention? We pay attention even to strangers because we want to be accepted by our society. Besides, paying attention means being polite and does not mean that you are in love with the person. But when you are cared about, your partner is trying to get to know you better by listening to your favorite music, reading your favorite books and so on. We often pay attention to those we get some sort of benefits from while care is a more serious feeling.

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