6 Things to Do If You Would Like a Second Date

6 Things to Do If You Would Like a Second Date

Tonight you're going on your first date with a guy you recently met?

Congratulations! Now, in order to make sure that you'll be asked out another time, read the article below and find out what are the main 6 things you should never do if you'd like to meet your date again. Luckily, there are some rules to follow that will help you avoid the most common mistakes made by people on their first date. Here's how you can make a fantastic impression:

1. Open up only you fully trust the person.

If you feel absolutely comfortable and relaxed, you can open up and tell the person you are with more about yourself than you usually do. Confide in your new date if it feels natural. Being open does not necessarily mean that you have to tell him your secrets and intimate details about your family, friends or your past. Talking about your university, favorite music and sports and finding the things you have in common is absolutely cool.

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