The 5 World’s Most Unusual Streets

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The 5 World’s Most Unusual Streets

There is no place like home. We find our surroundings to be the most special. However, if you look around, you will see that some people live in places that look far more unusual.

If the place is too strange to be called average it naturally attracts tourists. Isn’t it interesting to know and see in reality how designers and architects express themselves through their creation? Have a look at the list of the world’s strangest streets and maybe you will get curious enough to have a trip to go and see them with your own eyes.

1. Lombard Street, San Francisco
Avoid Lombard Street in San Francisco unless you are a professional car racer! The start of this weird street consists of 7 hairpin turns situated a few hundred meters away from each other. The place was built in a way to make it a bit less steep for transport to drive through safely. The street is called the most crooked street. Not only is it a one-way street, it is also one of the few streets where parking is not allowed.

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