Knowledge is power! Become more powerful and strong – read this section of our magazine to improve your health and wellbeing. Having glowing skin, silky hair, and a perfect figure is possible when you are healthy. Let us share some information provided by experts.

Western society has been struck with diabetes. The number of people who are diagnosed with obesity has been growing. The more you weight, the higher the risk of heart disease.

Spinach may have fewer fans than other veggies and fruits. But this species is amazingly healthy and you should definitely know what properties it has.

Olympic athletes are the right kind of people to help you improve your health and get in better shape in a shorter period of time. They are more experienced than anyone you’ve ever met so far. Here what they think you might need to know:

It’s so good to smell freshly made coffee in the morning. Then you have a cup of your favorite drink in the afternoon to refresh yourself. In the evening some of us drink decaffeinated coffee.

It is absolutely natural for us to believe in something we are told on TV, radio, press and other sources of information. However, some facts are false and it’s time for us to dispel the most commonly believed myths.

You might not believe but the fact is that healthy foods are delicious foods too. There is plenty to choose from and you can always make your menu more varied by adding something new.

Do not underestimate the importance and nutritional value of the everyday products that you see at grocery stores. All those trendy superfoods can be replaced – instead of buying an expensive product try and see whether there is a cheaper alternative.

People suffering from insomnia cannot boast good health. If you are suffering from sleeplessness, then you know that it affects all other spheres of your life.

Your gums may start bleeding if you accidentally scratch them with coarse foods like crackers, candies and nuts.

Eat the right selection of foods and you will be healthier. Improve your immune system and prevent cancer by including the following natural products in your menu:

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