5 Yoga Exercises While at Work

5 Yoga Exercises While at Work

Get in shape at your own office! Now you can tone up without spending hours at a gym.

Here are 5 yoga poses you can do at your desk:

Stay active
Joining a gym or attending a swimming pool requires time, money and dedication. If you are always at work and you know you will not be able to regularly workout outside your office, then make the best of your current situation and practice quick yoga at your desk. It is possible to improve your health, to tone your body from head to foot without any special machine and professional equipment.

Scale Pose
This pose will strengthen your thighs and buttocks. Move to the edge of your chair, press your hands on the sides of your hips. Now lift up your legs and butt off the chair. Your abs should be tense and engaged. Keep your shoulders down and freeze in this pose up to 6 seconds. Sit back. Repeat the exercise at least 2 times.

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