7 Healthy Food Combinations

7 Healthy Food Combinations

We hardly enjoy mono diets, that is, when you eat one product only. This kind of menu would look too boring and dull. That’s why we usually mix a few products at a time to make the dish more delicious. What is your favorite?

Strawberries dipped in chocolate? Or would that be roasted duck stuffed with fruit? Of course, it all depends on individual tastes, habits and cultural differences. Today we are going to talk about foods that, when combined, can be quite beneficial. Let us see what we can do to improve our health. Here is a list of products to combine and enjoy:

Dark chocolate/apples
This might sound like a very delicious dessert. Of course, both of these foods are tasty. However, most of us usually eat them separately. Do you know why we should combine them? Here is the answer. The fact is that both apples and dark chocolate are highly beneficial to our cardiovascular system. Apples contain quercetin while dark chocolate is rich in catechins. These two elements prevent hardening of arteries. When apples are eaten with dark chocolate, these two stimulate each other to break up blood clots. This does not really apply to milk chocolate.

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