5 Most Unexpectedly Designed Hotels In The World

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It’s always good to experience something new in life. Travelling gives plenty of such opportunities and when you choose a hotel to stay in next time pick something you expect from your hotel least!

Here is a list of 5 most weird hotels in the world. Which one would suit your taste?

1. Dog Bark Park Inn
If you keep a dog and love animals in general, then you will definitely become a fan of this hotel. The shape of the hotel reminds that of a dog. The room of the hotel is just right to accommodate 4 people. Here visitors will find a microwave oven to prepare a simple meal, games, puzzles and books to entertain themselves, an air conditioner and of course a bath. There is no TV set or a phone though. The lack of those is made up for with the nature surrounding the inn. Dennis Sullivan and Frances Conklin, the designers of this hotel, knew what might attract people. The hotel is rarely empty. There are plenty of those who want to visit and stay in a beagle-shaped structure. Next time you decide to visit Idaho, take a trip to Cottonwood to see the building.

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